A tradition of empathy and healing” Neelam is a third generation Astrologer, Psychic, and Reiki Healer with over a decade of practical experience. She is especially talented at sensing the root problem that is causing you pain. She can help you clear away the spiritual weeds so that you can truly flourish as your best self. As a little girl in India, Neelam saw her father helping people. He had to fit serving others into the spare moments in the evenings and weekends when he wasn’t working his full-time job. She felt impressed by his dedication and skill. She sat in on sessions and observed her father work, and in time he taught her his craft. As an adult, Neelam pursued a career in fashion design. An intense feeling of disconnect and incompleteness plagued her though. Every day she would say to herself “Today is my last day. I’m telling them I’m not coming in tomorrow.” But then she remembered pesky details like bills and stayed with her job. After moving to the United States ten years ago, she started doing readings and healing for friends. Word quickly spread and soon she was helping friends of friends of friends. She realized that using her talents and skills to help others gave her the sense of satisfaction that she had been missing in her fashion career. In 2012 she made the leap and began providing her services professionally. Now Neelam is much happier as she is able to help more and more people. However, her own experiences with feeling lost and far from herself were not wasted. They allow her a unique empathy and sensitivity. She is able to connect with you on very deep, intimate level and find out what’s holding you back. Because she understands the hurdles involved in getting back in alignment with your true self, she is able to gently guide you through them. If you are ready to let in a little light and nourishment let her help you, you can contact her on Facebook or email her. This world is Beautiful.

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I can sense the root problem that is causing your pain. I can help you clear away any spiritual weeds so that you can truly flourish as your best self.
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